"How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!"

[Psalm 133:1]


Melusi - Zulu word meaning “The Shepherd” - is a Christian community situated on the historical Betania Swedish Mission hospital grounds in Dundee - a property that carries a rich history of God's mercy.

Sadly in the 1970's the hospital was forced to close due to the Apartheid law as it served the so-called “Black” people but was situated in a “White” area. Around the same time God gave a vision to a Methodist youth group in Kimberly to start a ministry of compassion.

The Lord opened the door and the community was established on the previous hospital property as Mahyeno Mission in 1984. The name of the ministry was changed and we continued to function as Melusi Christian Community after a severe crisis in April 2007.

Throughout the years and the eventful history of Melusi God has always been faithful. It is definitely HIStory.


We are a multi-cultural community of South African and international members who live together on the large and beautiful property of Melusi. Although our team is ever-changing - volunteers come and go - we emphasise community life.

Having lunch together in our communal dining room, praying together as men and women of the community, enjoying the fellowship of one another, playing games, doing sport, going fishing and hiking, rejoicing and mourning, laughing and crying together - this is the DNA of Melusi.

Community is sharing our lives and following the lifestyle of Jesus Christ: "In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." [Philippians 2.3-5]

"In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus."

[Phillipian 2:5]


Over nearly four decades of Melusi’s history, ministries have changed, our property has developed, team members have joined and some have left again, but our calling has remained the same. We are called by God to:

Love God – Loving God with our entire life, submitting to the lordship of His son Jesus Christ, being led by His Spirit and living by faith in our faithful God.

Live in community – Living together, sharing our lives and loving one another as we love God is the foundation of Melusi.

Serve the poor – Serving people in need has always been the very centre of our ministries and the means of serving Christ.

Make disciples – Making disciples, leading people into a strong relationship with God is our ultimate desire.